Technology: SATA Success in the Field

Rapid transformations in techno-literacy among the upcoming sophisticated generations call for evolution in sciences. Dynamic evolutions have be-timed in technological realm to satisfy the wanting indispensably necessities of the younger generations. For any success story in any sphere, technology is always the underlying factor.

Best Technology Jobs

Almost all the jobs out there in the market require proper knowledge of technology. Although there are diversified jobs that integrate technology, only a few really have standard pay.

To find the best job requires a comprehensive and intensive search online or you can check up on Here are some of the highest paying jobs in the technology field:

Database Administratorimages-3

The roles of a database administrator include:-

  • designing a database
  • backup and data recovery
  • Database configuration and capacity planning

In most cases, one is required to have a Bachelor’s degree in computer science to become a Database Administrator. Recently however, one may even be required to possess associate’s degree in computer science to occupy the position. This is due to high demand of Database Administrators. Median Pay is about $85,000. Competences in this field are:-

  • critical thinking
  • Analytical skills
  • Database design and implementation
  • networking technacy
  • programming skills

Computer Software Engineer

A Software engineer is expected to perform the following tasks:-

  • correct errors in the software and upgrade its interfaces for better performance
  • develop and design software systems
  • write the manuals to direct the use of the software
  • coordinate the installation of the software

One must have these skills and knowledge to qualify:-

  • Data processing
  • geographic information systems
  • computer systems
  • electronics

Median Salary is approximately $88,000.

Computer Systems Analyst

Computer System Analyst duties are:-

  • analyzing user procedures, requirements and faced problems to improve the existing systems
  • analyzing engineering, science and business processing associated problems for applicability in data processing systems
  • recommending analyzed commercial software

Most of the employers require the following competences in their employees:-

  • at least a bachelor’s degree in computer information systems or system analysts

Marketable skills such as

  • project management
  • information system administration
  • software development

Computer analyst earns approximately $83,000.