Know Your Tech Acronyms

Today, science is experiencing an outburst growth of technology due to the advancement of it. The evolution of IT technology has opened more diverse pathways in this field, and this progress has led to the inclusion of tech jargon and lingo in language spoken every day. Point is, most new generation tech acronyms that are in use today are unknown to the majority of people.

Here are examples of the most common ones that you may need to know:


SATA is an acronym for Serial ATA. It is a computer bus interface which connects host bus adaptor to mass storage device. It is a dominant interface in SSDs and data centers. They are expensive because they are compatible with host interfaces – plugging into existing connectors on a plug and play basis.


SSDs is an acronym for Solid – State Storage Drives. Commonly, they are employed in the data center, where speed is of the essence. They cost more than those in personal laptops because speed is not of so much importance there as compared to data centers.


SAS is an acronym for Serial Attached SCSI. They are becoming more popular at the enterprise level SSD devices. The reason as to why SAS are gaining popularity is their speed. They are twice as fast as SATA. They also have reduced latency, measurable per second, have more configuration options, and better data integrity.


PCle is an acronym for Peripheral Component Interconnect Express. It is a development and an alternative for SATA.


This is an acronym for Random Access Memory. Developed in the 1950s and 1960s as a replacement for the SAM (Sequential Access Memory). Over the years, improvements have been made such that they can hold 1,000 times the amount of data and they are much faster in operation.