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The IBM AT Set The Standard For Years

The early days of computing are discussed elsewhere on this website, since they have a lot to do with where SATA came from. Early theory said that parallel buses (in which data was sent a byte at a time, and later at two bytes at a time) must be faster than serial buses because in
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SATA Continues To Dominate

It’s rare now to find PATA (parallel ATA) anywhere except in some applications using CompactFlash (CFlash) storage – and, even there, there’s a new CFlash standard that uses SATA. Beyond those small and niche survivals, SATA remains the preferred data transfer bus in consumer computers, whether desktop or laptop. “Consumer” is stressed here because there
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Where Did The Name SATA Come From?

To understand SATA, it is necessary to understand the early days of microcomputing. Back in the early 1960s, there were really only mainframes. A number of people made them; the industry was often referred to as “IBM and the Seven Dwarves.” By the end of the Sixties, what were known as mid-range computers also came
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